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Arrows Against The Wind £120.00
Arrows Against The Wind

West Papua, also known as Irian Jaya, is the 'Amazon of Asia.' It is a land of vast jungles and tropical rainforests, where tribal peoples have lived for 25,000 years. Filmed secretly in West Papua this is the story of two tribes, the Dani and Asmat.

The Last Magician £120.00
The Last Magician

A clash of cultures in Papua New Guinea played out by three chiefs, with opposing views. William believes the people of Papua New Guinea should go back to a traditional way of life and forget hospitals, roads and modern development.

Farewell to The Last Magician £75.00
Farewell to The Last Magician

Nalubatau has passed away. Chief and the last keeper of magic in the Trobriand Islands, PNG, he was revered by his people for his wisdom and knowledge. The Catholic priest believes the chief's spirit will go to Heaven, not Tuma the traditional place of the dead.

Pig Tusks & Paper Money £120.00
Pig Tusks & Paper Money

Pig Tusks & Paper MoneyIn Rabaul, Papua New Guinea, shell money and pig tusks are currencies which can buy most things. This film is the intimate portrait of a man whose life is devoted to promoting local economies.

The Rhythm of Time £75.00
The Rhythm of Time

A Musical Journey in the Trobriand Islands, PNG. MTV, World Music Collaboration.


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