Feb 18
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Ben the Chewing Gum Artist - One hour Documentary

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 Ben The Chewing Gum Artist

Filmed over ten years, this story follows Ben Wilson’s journey, a chewing gum artist who is on a mission to create street art across London. Ben paints miniature pictures on used chewing gum, in painstaking detail, transforming waste into art. The law has no jurisdiction over painting on gum and Ben emphasises this on his often hilarious and sometimes harrowing encounters with the police. His work defies the authorities without breaking any laws. 

Lying on street pavements, covered in paint, Ben attracts a lot of attention. Crowds of people are drawn to his work, many of whom request pictures. His art reflects a myriad of personal stories from people all over the world. Ben wants to "help people connect with the consequences of their actions." He believes we have lost the ability to see the impact on what we do in our evironment. 

Ben's dream is to take a trail of pictures from St Pauls Cathedral across the iconic Millennium Bridge to the Tate Modern Art Gallery. He wants to achieve this in order to complete his trail. Ben is commissioned to paint on chewing gum by Lord and Lady Bird outside The Houses of Parliament. Ben receives permission from the Yeoman Usher of the Black Rod, who is responsible for maintaining order within the House.  but will this be enough to convince the police outside The Houses of Parliament that this is not a breach of security? It sets a precedent, if Ben can paint on chewing gum outside The Houses of Parliament, surely he can paint anywhere? 









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