Jul 18

Jul 18
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maninigrida.pngMusic Clips

Music video, filmed in collaboration with Australian, Aboriginal musicians, the Sunset Liverpool Band.  This song is about Mimi Spirits. Featuring Aboriginal dancing and footage of young boys from Maningrida, after completion of first stage initiation. These musicians want to send a message to the world, culture is alive and strong in our communities!

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TV Documentaries

Land Beyond Productions  produce award-winning documentaries for the BBC and international broadcasters. We make compelling, character based documentaries, which tackle important global issues, enhancing our understanding of the world.  To purchase DVD's, please contact us for a Price List.

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DVD & Web Production

We produce Cutting Edge DVD's, Promos and Web Clips. Social issue films are invaluable for branding, fundraising and raising awareness.  Our driving belief is that a courageous and creative use of the media, can bring about positive change.